Maxi-Paw Impact Rotor

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Maxi-Paw Impact Rotor

Rain Bird Maxi-Paw - The original Impact head in a can. The Rain Bird Maxi-Paw is a reliable impact sprinkler. The 2045A08 comes standard with a #8 nozzle which is 3.8 gpm.
Rain Bird 2045A08. Their best Light Commercial / Heavy Residential Impact. This is not the ones you see in the box stores that only carry a one-year warranty (mini-paw). These are Maxi-Paw's...the ones the professionals use.The Maxi-Paw's powerful throw permits maximum spacing and offers superior close-in watering and uniform water distribution. Low pressure loss and an efficient, straight-through flow design conserve energy and are ideal for dirty water applications. The optional Seal-A-Matic prevents run-off, puddling, and erosion caused by low head drainage. And most important, it's rugged and dependable, popping up on schedule again and again because of the multi-function wiper seal. The Maxi-Paw Rotor a tradition of excellence. Maxi-Paw Impact sprinkler with blue #8 nozzle included.
Straight-through flow for superior performance in dirty water.
Five interchangeable, color-coded MPR nozzles with standard trajectory (NOT INCLUDED).
Two interchangeable low angle (LA) nozzles (NOT INCLUDED).
No tools required to change nozzles.
Heavy-duty plastic case with sturdy reinforced ribbed design.
Double-weighted arm for slower rotation and increased distance of throw.
Self-flushing inner trip with improved inner trip lever.
Powerful reverse action.
Adjustable arm spring for low-pressure and low-gallonage operation.
Energy efficient, low pressure and low-gallonage operation.
Full-circle or part-circle arc 20 to 340.
Precision Jet tube (PJ) minimizes side splash.
Distance control diffuser pin.
Multi-function, pressure-activated wiper seal.
Inlet filter screen and pressure-activated wiper seal protect internal assembly from debris to ensure positive pop-up and retraction.
Combination 1/2 (15/21) or 3/4" (20/27) bottom inlet.
Side inlet installation is not recommended in freezing climates.
Optional internal Seal-A-Matic (SAM) prevents pudding and erosion caused by low head drainage and saves water.
This head is also referred to as 2045A08
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