Blum - 971A9700.22 - BLUMOTION Soft-Close for Partial Overlay (Less than 1 Inch Overlay)

Brand: Blum
Product Code: 971A9700.22
$3.39 $6.65 6.65
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Turn that boring door into a BLUMOTION Door simply by adding one soft close devise per door. Included: one face frame soft close mechanism a spacer and two screws (1 ‚¼‚¬ and 2‚¬).This is a complete kit for one door - includes: spacer, screws, and the "Blumotion" mechanism. It is strongly recommend using a tapered bit and pre-drilling into the face frame otherwise you stand a chance of cracking your face frame. If you are a cabinet shop and need a few hundred or a and let's talk as we do have a "cabinet shop program" that gives you awesome prices on all products. For the home owner reading this what that means is cabinet shops typically buy several cases of slides a couple cases of hinges and four or five hundred of these at a time. We have been a BLUM distributor for almost thirty years and are among the top stocking distributors! We typically have three or four thousand of these on hand so buy with confidence! Any questions.....simply call and talk with the guy's they are some of the most knowledgeable in the United States when it comes to BLUM products. This is a poly bag item. The UPC number for this item is 57976 13059

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