Sugatsune 3.6-4.5kg Lapcon Horizontal Bi-Folding Door Mechanism Light Grey HBFN-3M

Brand: Sugatsune
Product Code: HBFN-3M
$133.24 $156.75 156.75
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  • Unique new bi-fold door mechanism will assist in opening and closing doors in a smooth motion.
  • No tracks or guides required.
  • Handle position can be at the bottom of the door.
  • Arm length adjustable for various door sizes.
  • Patented LAPCON technology provides smooth and quiet motion.
  • Recommended Door Size and Weight):
    • Width, 450~900 mm (17-23/32"~35-7/16")
    • Height, 320~370 mm (12-19/32"~14-9/16")/each door
    • Weight, 2.5~5.5 kg (5.5~12.1 lbs)/each door


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Door Height: 320-370mm (12-19/32"-14-9/16")
  • Door Weight: 3.6-4.5kg ( 7.9-9.9lbs)

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