Blum 20F2500.N5 AVENTOS HF Face Fram Bi-Fold Cabinet Lift Mechanism with Power Factor of 471-880

Brand: Blum
Product Code: 20F2500.N5
$65.11 $134.33 134.33
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AVENTOS HF has a two part front that folds together in the center when opening. The bi-fold lift system is ideal for taller wall cabinets with large fronts because the handle remains within reach.

  • Well suited for large cabinets
  • For both frameless and face frame applications
  • Cabinet height from 479mm to 1067mm (18-7/8" to 42")
  • Cabinet width from 381mm to 1828mm (15" to 72")
  • Interior depth minimum 278mm (10-15/16")
  • Center hinge with finger safety feature
  • Three-dimensional front adjustment of both fronts
  • Closes silently and effortlessly with BLUMOTION
  • Variable stop
  • Optional: SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS

This lift mechanism is used in a set for power factor needs of 471 - 880. It is recommended to use the more powerful lift mechanism for overlapping areas.

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