Blazing Fast 1" Poly x 1" m.i.p

Blazing Fast 1" Poly x 1" m.i.p

Brand: Blazing Products
Product Code: BLZ 1436-010
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Blazing Products Blazing Fast 1" Poly Male Adapter Model BLZ 1436-010
Fast Fitting Specs
• Max Operating Pressure: 80 PSI for #80
pipe; 100 PSI for #100 pipe; 160 PSI
for #160 pipe.
• Suggested Operating Pressure: 10-80 PSI
• Burst Pressure: Exceeds 450 PSI (This
product is not intended to be used on
Main Lines or under constant pressure)
• Body Material: ABS
• Lock Ring Material: Proprietary
• O-Ring Material: EPDM
• Flow Rates are comparable to traditional
insert fittings.
•Friction Loss is comparable to traditional
insert fittings.
Fully Tested
• Tested to pressures over 400 PSI and put
through vigorous on/off cycling in excess
of 250,000 cycles.
• Blazing Products has field tested all Fast
Fittings with contractors throughout the
United States. Fast Fittings are not
intended to be used on Main Lines or under
constant pressure. Over time, pipes under
constant pressure expand, reducing the
amount of pressure the lock ring is
applying to the pipe.
Warranty Info
• Blazing Fast Fittings are covered by a
one year limited warranty.
• Blazing Fast Fittings are for use on all
Manufacturers’ NSF #80, #100, or #160
Poly Pipe. Blazing Products does not
warranty Fast Fittings used on Non-NSF
• Blazing Fast Fittings are guaranteed for
pressures up to the rating of the pipe.
ex. 100 PSI on #100 pipe.
• DO NOT use on Main Lines without a
master valve. Blazing Fast Fittings are for
lateral lines only unless a master valve is
• DO NOT use pipe dope or other sealants
on Blazing Fast Fittings. Blazing Products
recommends using only Thread Tape on
threaded connections.
• DO NOT use torches to warm the pipe
when using Blazing Fast Fittings. Heating
the pipe can cause irregularities in the
pipe and can cause brittleness over time.
• DO NOT use Blazing Fast Fittings in conjunction
with compressed air or gasses.
• DO NOT use any grease, oil, or solvent
to lubricate Blazing Fast Fittings.
Blazing Fast Fittings are made of high
impact ABS and contain no metal or
chloride like other fittings on the market,
making them the most eco-friendly fittings
on the market.

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