Premium metal drawer system.

Fascinating technology

The technology behind LEGRABOX makes this new runner system even easier to open. The new motion technology designed into the drawer profile and roller carriage creates a fluid running action in this unrivaled drawer, even under heavy loads. Heavy load capacity The new cabinet profile has increased stability along the length of the runner. Even very wide and heavy drawers experience a smooth running action thanks to a high dynamic carrying capacity of 88 and 155 lbs.

Stability for tall fronts

A new front fixing bracket guarantees maximum stability when opening and closing.

Sleek design

Impressively slim 1/2" drawer sides, which are straight on both the inside and out, provide a sleek look while maximizing usable interior drawer space.


The versatile LEGRABOX program allows for a wide range of design options for any kitchen, bath or furniture application. LEGRABOX combines design and function for well-balanced solutions creating elegance in motion.

Refined, luxurious finishes

LEGRABOX in matte Orion gray or brushed stainless steel, compliment a wide range of colors and materials.

Just one of the many benefits of the LEGRABOX system is the fully integrated, three-dimensional adjustment mechanism. Height and side adjustments can be made easily on the inside of the drawer profile, beneath the cover cap, and the tilt adjustment is located at the rear of the profile. Additionally, all adjustments are made using a T20 TORX driver.