Padded Tape Products (Tape Pads and Hang Tabs)

Padded Tape Products (Tape Pads and Hang Tabs)

Padded Tape Products (Tape Pads)

Packaging tape in unique, problem-solving dispenserless formats, such as pre-cut strips for identification or package repair, sturdy hang tabs, and custom-printed carry handles with non-sticky centers for easy holding.

Hang Tabs
Clear, sturdy polyester tabs with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Sticks to most product or packaging surfaces so that the item can be displayed. Round holes, delta hole, or J-hook designs accommodate all retail pegs. 10 tabs to a pad.

Padded Tape Products
All the benefits of a roll of tape in convenient, easy-to-use, pre-cut strips on a pad. The perfect way to seal envelopes and small packages, protect labels and packing lists, and improve productivity around the office and in the mailroom.

Pouch Tape Pads
Convenient, dispenserless 3M™ ScotchPad™ Pouch Tape Pads are designed to protect address labels and packing lists. They keep your shipping documents clean, legible, and attractive, thus helping to ensure packages reach their destination.