Thermal Shielding Solutions

Isolate temperature-sensitive materials from heat with 3M™ Metal Foil Tape 425, 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361 or 3M™ Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363.

  • Thermal isolation and flame resistance
  • Variety of adhesives for different surfaces and temperature exposures
3M Specialty Six Tapes - Damping Foil 2552

Vibration Damping Solutions

Reduce structural-borne noise with 3M™ Vibration Damping Foil Tape 2552. Aluminum foil construction offers…

  • Unique viscoelastic polymer that converts structural vibration to negligible heat
  • Constraining layer retains handling properties while increasing energy conversion rate
3M Specialty Six Tapes - Appliance Squeak and Rattle Damping

Squeak and Rattle Solutions

Add a slippery surface with 3M™ UHMW Tape 5423 to solve the problems of friction and rubbing. Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene tape offers…

  • Low coefficient of friction for "slip" that eliminates many squeaks and rattles
  • Conformable backing with high abrasion resistance
3M Specialty Six Tapes - Appliance Venting

Venting Solutions

Reduce clean-up of messy foaming operations with 3M™ Venting Tape 394. Non-woven venting tapes provide…

  • Permeable backing to allow outgassing during foaming operations
  • Non-woven backing that prevents foam expansion and escape
3M Specialty Six Tapes - High Temperature Masking

High Temperature Masking

3M™ Polyester Tapes Series 8900 provide choices for reliable masking in the high temperatures of powder coat painting. The line of high temperature resistant tapes offers…

  • One piece removal after curing
  • Variety of thicknesses and widths to meet application requirements
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