Keysafe white

Keysafe white

Brand: Supra Division
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Got a "special someone" that is constantly locking themself out of the house?

Finding your self making repeated trips to them in?

Kids getting "really good" at loosing their house key?

Ever have to sleep in a lawn chair because you came home "smashed" and couldn't find your house key? (I cant be the only one).

Then this baby is the ticket!  And trust is a heak of a lot cheaper then fixing a broken window.  You'll be in the house quicker then you can say..."awwww.....@#%*! where did I leave my key's!   Convienient, secure and just plain Cool!    When the kids get home from school, famly member accidently locks them self out in their bathrobe, you come home late from the bar and someone has already taken your key,  or when you just...can't find your keys,  Vacation home, side of your RV  or anywhere you use key's.  *Interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access. *thick metal walls will never rust.  Three simple steps,  Enter code,  get key's,  Open door.      You can change the code in a just a few seconds. 001004 Keysafe white Supra Division, Key Safe

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