3M Macuro CM-E1 Carbon Monoxide Detector CM-E1/10


The CM-E1 is a low voltage detector of Carbon Monoxide (CO). The CM-E1 is designed for connection to UL Listed Fire Alarm/Burglary Control Panels. Alarm control panels that work on 12 or 24 VDC can provide battery backup to the CM-E1 detectors. This carbon monoxide detector is designed to detect CO gas from ANY source of combustion. It is NOT designed to detect smoke, fire or any other gas.


  • Voltage: 9-32 VDC
  • Current (normal/alarm): 15mA /35mA @ 9-32V
  • Size: 3-18" x 5-18" x 1"
  • Alarm Relay: SPST, 100mA, 40VDC
  • Trouble Relay: SPST, 100mA, 40VDC
  • Buzzer Rating: 85 dBA at 10 feet
  • Shipping Weight: One pound
  • Operating Temp. Range: 40 to 100 F
  • Alarm Setting: Per UL 2034
  • Color: White
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